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Hate Speech und Facebook – demnächst kommt die Vollzensur – How Germany Is Tackling New Legislation Targets U.S. Social Media Companies

Die SPD scheint frustriert über den Erfolg der AfD speziell bei Facebook… muss Demokratie das aushalten? Derweil sollte die Frustration…

It is official – Capitalism loves right-wing-dictators

John Perkins says… “I am a capitalist” and he strongly and firmly believes that capitalism is nothing bad per default….

Sonneborn und der Weltuntergang – einfach den armen Geld schenken

Sonneborn bei Jørgen Randers (born 22 May 1945) is a Norwegian academic, professor of climate strategy at the BI Norwegian…

Island Earth – Water GMOs Seeds Food

kickstarter project: Perhaps the greatest threat facing the world today is how we will feed ourselves in the…

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