Desperate people do desperate things – they cheat lie and kill.

If that is what you want – keep going and i promise you – you will be killed by your own children.

So you better have none.

Let me ask this – did any other country say “USA or Israel or France” is begging for war – when they did their nuclear bomb tests?

No. It was fine – except that some natives had to move into modern US Dollar dominated civilisation and become alcoholics – because their Islands were the nuclear test centers.

North Korea is surely NOT beging for a war they can not win.

Who would be so insane to do that?

It is more that the US war machine is an unecessary tax money consumer if there was no threat.

And a communist dictatorship with nuclear weapons… Is a threat to Goldman Sachs, the US Dollar, McDonalds and CocaCola and the Mickey Mouse.

Because they are not allowed to make money there.

The only thing i would criticize is why do they shoot their rockets over japanese Territory and risk a war with Japan if such thing malfunctions right over Tokyo.

That is just plain stupid.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warned on Monday that North Korea is “begging for war” after North Korea appeared to have detonated a nuclear bomb on Sunday (NYT) in an underground test that caused tremors in South Korea and China, calling for the Security Council to cut off fuel exports to the country

Pyongyang Readying Another Missile Test, Seoul Says

North Korea�appears to be readying an intercontinental ballistic missile launch (WSJ), following its first two such tests in July, according to a South Korean defense official. Seoul and Washington agreed to�lift the restrictions on the maximum payload weight of warheads (Korea Times)�that South Korea can mount on its missiles, and South Korea’s defense minister said the country should consider�deploying U.S. tactical nuclear weapons to the peninsula (WaPo).