Right now i would say is Germany the “experimental US colony” not more or less brainwashed than at the time of Hitler – but differently brainwashed.

Family, friendship and true love has become worth nothing in the minds of the money-thinkers.

Money is a way to think – but thinking only in money will lead to disasaster, hatered and stagnation in the development of humans.

This i consider a major form of brainwashing.


“There is no alternative” – yes there are always alternatives – what about selling your kidney instead of mine on eBay to pay back the state deficit to private (!) and anonymous (!) lenders, Mrs Merkel?

That would be a way better alternative for me.

Mrs Merkel was a servant to monetary power Hierarchie – but having been tricked and fooled by it like everybody else – the Mafia corrupt system would now like replace her.

Btw… Internet is going to be cheaper – because your data is valuable to the elites that want to control YOU.