Syria once tried to fight Israel – with massive amounts of outdated Russian hardware – be it in the air or on the ground.

The Israeli forces were largely outnumbered but had better tactics and hardware.

So it is understandable – that Israel and the USA want to weaken all Arabic states – to control the oil rich area by a central state Israel to expand the sphere of dominance/influence.

As they do with Germany in Europe or with Paraguay in Southamerica.

A little bit like the Illuminati idea of “ordo ab chao” order out of chaos.. The overthrow of regimes (former best US-BigOil friends) to rebuild or just leave the moslems in state of despair and help them ship to Europe X-D (thanks a lot)

It can be best done with states that are divided – which the Arab community has always been.(SaudiArabia and Iran are long time enemies)

The way forward should be iterative/repetitive/chronic talks and negotiations – not war investments and manipulations.

There are always alternatives.