“The United States is trying not to kill everyone – in the end the do it unintentionally”

Probably the most depressing video ever made… please checkout Smedley Buttler – “war is a racket” – which basically means – “war is a scam to rip you off”.

In war-times profits for companies like Du Pont double or triple – while people other people die and get crippled. This is not a business-model – it is psychopathic madness.

Civil wars – 1798 french revolution can also be considered a civil war – originates of a growing gap between rich and poor – and yes – sometimes interest groups are funding parts of those movements for their own interest.

“My daughter intelligence officer in Iraq – son is in airforce (engineer) – in the US people make their living with the military.”

Mass unemployment started first in the US 1929 – they then withdrew all their Dollars from Europe – which caused mass unemployment there.

So the widespread believe the stock markets know only one direction – up – and every single Dollar going into speculation caused the economic meltdown of 1929.

Bill Clinton actually reversed laws that were made at that time – to prevent something like this to happen again.

There is an easy remedy for mass unemployment – let every man physically fit – own a piece of land and show him how to grow potatoes.

But this would mean – taking away land – the banks just stole recently – from people that can not pay back their credits plus interest. It’s all a scam.