Because even after all this years and IPhones – you can not eat money. Not directly. You still need cooperation with other people and a balanced ecosystem in nature to survive.

Credit Suisse Fear Barometer:

VIX: You mean selling an out-of-the-money index call and buying an out-of-the-money put to hedge a stock portfolio?
Davitt: Exactly. VIX wasn’t designed to measure fear. VIX measures 30-day market expectations for volatility, which is associated with, but not always correlated to, fear.


“The fear index that most investors usually think of is the CBOE Volatility index, also known as the VIX. The VIX is a measure of expectations of volatility in the options market. If traders are nervous, options become more expensive and the VIX rises.”

Falling Yields Highlight ‘Show-Me’ Sentiment on U.S. Policy: Many investors entered 2017 expecting Treasury yields would rise to around 3% by year’s end, reflecting economic growth and presumed success in cutting taxes and regulation.

JPMorgan reported first-quarter net income of $6.4 billion, or $1.65 a share.

“We are off to a good start for the year with all of our businesses performing well and building on their momentum from last year,” JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said in a statement.

cheating each other:  Fake Investment News Could Be Here to Stay ä The SEC is prosecuting online stock fraud, but Seeking Alpha and other platforms aren’t the targets.