From the UN Security Council Briefing on US Air Strikes in Syria:

This is radically grotesque – but at the same time – exposes the core of the problem: WHO actually WANTS PEACE? After all – peace is bad for the war-business. We remember Collin Powell – who admitted the CIA gave him forged proof to scare the hell out of the UN Security Council – that Saddam had “weapons of mass destruction”.

You can talk as much as you want – if there are parties – not sitting at the table (CIA & Friends) – not being elected but actually “calling the shots” – in charge – of peace or no peace – around the globe.

There are many productive ideas and concepts – but there are some people that do not want to be productive – rather destructive – because the bigger the bang the bigger the bucks.


We are the police of the world – fuck the UN – if somebody (besides) us has weapons of mass destruction – we step in to kill him.

“Our military destroyed the airfield from which this weeks chemical strikes took place”

LIE! Check out this footage of a Russian Drone… “not destroyed”.

US-Military (Trump) PURPOSELY MISSED! Created a huge expensive firework for it’s taxpayers… which is nothing but a move for Trump to unite his very divided country (not only by rich vs poor, but white vs black) against an common enemy “the dictator” backed by “the communist” – oh sorry no not communist – “the Russian”. (just as bad as communist… i guess… for whatever historic reasons… somebody has to be the bad guy… )

Otherwise US would maybe go up in smoke of civil war. Because they – just as the rest of Europe by the way – CAN NOT STAND THE LIES OF THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT ANYMORE.

“The Trump administration has signaled much broader grounds for future military intervention in Syria, suggesting it might retaliate against the Assad regime for barrel bomb attacks.”


Yeah even Mr Todenhöfer (truly independent middle east expert) says Assad’s barrel-bombings are “STUPID” – because it undermines his support 😀


“Unanimously adopting resolution 2254 (2015), foreign ministers and others gathered in New York for the third meeting of the International Syria Support Group, the Council reconfirmed its endorsement of the 30 June 2012 Geneva CommuniquĂ©, and endorsed the “Vienna Statements” in pursuit of the Communiqué’s implementation as the basis for a Syrian-led, Syrian-owned political transition to end the conflict.”

While this sounds great and shows mankind is not irresponsible by nature – but the “interest groups” – be it Zionists or War profiteers – do not want a war to end.

For them – peace is loss of money.

For them ww2 and Vietnam – could have lasted longer – because it is the “average citizen” who pays the price – not the CEO of Lockheed Martin.



“We urgently need a political solution. Only a political and diplomatic solution can bring peace in Syria. And we call on international community to overcome differences and negotiate peace in Syria.”




“If the outcome of the war is the collapse of the Syrian state – those who win – would be the terrorists – we have no doubt there – we have seen it too many times.

Too many state and non-state actors are active in Syria.

What we are facing is a much broader – and much complicated matter – which is likely to easily go out of hand.

The priority now i our mind – should be to find a way out – before one get’s to the slippery slope.

This is the time for wisdom – to prevent and for statesmanship to take the upper hand.

What the secretary general said today – is worth referring to:

The Security Council has the primary responsibility for international peace and security – i call on the council to united and exercise that responsibility – for too long – international law has been ignored – in the Syrian conflict – and it is our shared duty to uphold international standards of humanity – there is a danger that the security council which has already been marginalized – might lose whatever remaining credibility it might have.”


“The US attempted to justify it with empty pretext and fabricated arguments – claiming that the Syrian Arab army had used chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun without genuine knowledge – of what happened – without identifying who was responsible – the very same pretext shouted out by terrorist organizations as well as their handlers in Washington, Ankara, Ryad, Doha, Tel Aviv, London and Paris as well as their media.

The Syrian republic has stressed – that the Syrian Army does not have chemical weapons in the first place – and that it never would use such weapons in any of it’s organizations against armed terrorist groups.

Let me stress that it is well known – that those weapons have been used and stockpiled in many parts of Syria by terrorist armed organizations – in corporation or rather by the wink and a notch by some ruling regimes in the region and outside including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some European states.

ISIL and Al Nusra and associated terrorist organizations did wage many attacks against the Syrian Arab army and Russia.

This condemn-able aggression is a grave extrapolation of the same erroneous American strategy that began 6 years ago – one of providing all forms of assistance to what the US calls “moderate armed opposition groups”.

It makes the United States a partner of ISIL and Al Nusra and other terrorist groups – that since day one of the unjust war against Syria have attacked army positions and military bases as well as the infrastructure.

Let me recall in this council that the US leads a purported alliance against ISIL – however the real achievements of that coalition is to kill civilians and to strike at infrastructure in Syria – it’s real objective is to weaken the Syrian Arab army and it’s allies.

Today’s events are aiming at saving the Al Nusra following the grave damage that was done to them by the Syrian Arab army and it’s allies.

The US congress some time ago approved a law allowing the US to send manpads (shoulder fired rockets – anti air (stinger) or anti tank) to armed terrorist groups in Syria – we have warned – only two days ago that these colonialists (US, Britain, France) have renewed appetite and the stories that have been spread by the US and the UK 14 years ago to justify the destruction and occupation of Iraq using a major lie – being WMDs – perhaps history has come full circle now – in a regrettable scenario – when we saw – secretary of state Collin Powell at that time trying to delude the international community and the UN to justify the aggression of his country against Iraq by talking about highly credible information – today the US in it’s policy is using fabricated information provided by the Al Nusra terrorists.

This aggression incontrovertibly proofs that Syria has been correct – that successive American administrations will NOT change their sterile policies – which is to target states – make people kneel to their will and spread hegemony around the world.

International public opinion – the people of the free world – have no doubt – that successive US and UK and French administrations for decades have not cared for democracy – or freedom – or human rights or the well being of people or their security and stability.

These are just pretexts to wage war – to occupy other states – to divide them – to control their wealth and energy resources.

What is truly disgusting today is that these governments – that supported the Wahabi (radical ISIS style islam) thinking the terrorists extremist ideology of the Al Saud entity since it’s creation – is today – orchestrating terrorism and investing in it without any care for the lifes of people or even their own people.

These aggression promise total chaos in many parts of the world and will make the “law of the jungle” the only way to deal with the regional and economic crisis.”

Reporter Question to Bolivia:

Q: “On Feb 28th Bolivia voted against the resolution proposed at that time – which was based on the conclusive findings of the joint investigative mechanism – have found that the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons at least 3 times.

I guess i don’t understand – when you are saying relying on the UNs multilateralism and inpartials investigations – why did you reject the conclusions at that time?”

A: “For the records – we voted against that resolution – not because we did not want an investigation – not because we don’t want the one’s that use of chemical weapons not only persecuted but be punished for those horrendous crimes – but the resolution that was submitted at that time was designed to be (not objective) – why? – because they added in the index – a list of names – of the one’s that were allegedly responsible for those attacks – that list – did not came out from any UN body – it came from intelligence agencies of the one’s that submitted the resolution.

So there was not any reliable information regarding those names – and i think there is something called – rule of law – that is why we voted against that resolution.”

“There were consultations amongst the P5 (permanent members of the UN Security Council) – we had a meeting yesterday with A10 and we presented a proposal – it wasn’t a draft – it just was an attempt to get parties together – and to talk about language and to come up with a text – but we were surprised – while we were doing that – the US was preparing an Air strike – that is a violation of the UN charta.”

“we remember that in the past this chamber was used to portray lies – in order to accomplish political and military ends – the world – the victims – deserve the truth. thank you very much.”