Will Trumpet not only split USA but also the whole planet?

All people – not only the Jewish – seem to await the arrival of the Messiahs – the savior from all evil.

Or at least: An Hero – to save us from the dire situation of repeating economic crisis and those that profit from it.

Do not overestimate the powers of a President. Kennedy got shot. A lesson to be learned by those not willing to cooperate with the industrial-military-finance-cia-complex. So “the press” likes to present faces that stir emotion – but those faces (also Putin’s) are just the very very small part of the system that tries to dominate, exploit and enslave all of mankind. They (also Merkel) are the visible – hated – part. But like with an iceberg – 90% of it is invisible.

So when such a figure pops up and promises heaven on earth (populism) some jump on the train.

Obama is pro Wallstreet and Banks – Trump is pro BigOil – It is called “taking the risk out of democracy” and it seems “they” (Wallstreet and BigOil) have done a pretty good job at it.

So you can vote for the “front camera face” of a system – but you can not vote for it to change?

By the way:

“people hate only truth more than change”

“Intercept columnist Mehdi Hasan argues that racism, not economics, was the most important factor for many whites who voted for Trump.

Nothing unites people behind a leader more quickly, reflexively, or reliably than war, writes Glenn Greenwald in response to Trump’s strikes on a Syrian air base. It appeared to instantly elevate Trump into a respected war leader, fueled by gushing media coverage.

I would say: A common enemy – unites people.

Let us say the US whites hate the US blacks and vice versa.

But if the US whites and US blacks hate communism more than each other – they have just found a new enemy to unite against – despite actually not liking each other.

Bismarck used that “trick” to unite North and South Germany by provoking war with France.

This is similar to the state-sponsored-Hitler-terrorism-style mass-manipulation of psychology of the masses.

So maybe the 59-US-tomahawk against Assad in Syria strike – could be explained like this.

Not as the first step to invasion but as fear mongering to make all US citizens black or white unite behind their new kings and queens.

I guess NOBODY in USA and in Europe wants to go to fight a costly, useless, senseless war with Russia or China.

It is very well known among historians – that if there are state internal crisis (like civil war) – leaders start a war (for of course fake phony reasons) outside of the country – to advert from the internal crisis. It is so strange – why not solve the underlying problems – like gap between rich and poor – no – another distraction and another distraction and another distraction… instead of addressing the core problems. (there won’t be away around it)

One example: USA would DESPERATELY NEED a law like the EEG (law pro renewables). This would highly re-democratize the energy-landscape now held by a handful of monopolists – from Warren Buffet in Nevada to BigOil.

But this pretty much depends on how well the tools for manipulation of the masses work – to convince at least 60% of the population that it is a “necessary evil” and “it will be better afterwards” (for the profiteers of the war for sure) and so on and so forth. Don’t let yourself be fooled! Throw away your TV today. On Youtube and the Internet should be enough scary news for you and fuck advertisement.

Here comes Hitler’s Göring again:

“THEY” – the deep state – the secret services and friends – the manipulators – can not go to war without the people’s consent.

So the stage and give ok to all those attacks on their own people – from Pearl Harbor to 9-11.

Second Chechen War 1999 – May 2009 following terrorist attacks 2002 and September 2004 (src)

Even Putin did that – to make his people accept the war in Chechnya – with resulted in 23.000 dead soldiers (both sides) and 100.000 dead civilians.

Unfortunately – the manipulators are well educated and have a long time of training and learning, so they know their work very well – so sell your TV, switch off your radio – youtube is enough.

So they know exactly what buttons to press to make the masses follow their direction. And they keep pressing these buttons a lot lately. (terrorist attacks)

Back in the times of Bismarck:

The Northern Germans (Prussia) hated the South (Kingdom of Bavaria and Badenwürttemberg) and vice versa.

But what Prussia (North) and Bavaria (South) hated even more than each other was (at that time) was France. (for whatever reason)

Thanks god i think those born after WW2 are a different generation.

Those Animosities between Germany and France are gone – also between Russia and the rest of Europe.

But unfortunately – the industrial-military-finance-mafia-CIA-complex is like an axe when it comes to peace – because – they get budgets and profit if there is conflict.

In times of peace – nobody needs them or would grant them billions of Dollars and Euros in budget.

So they scare the crowd – again and again – they provoke war – again and again – to ensure their feeling of importance.

If you do not know this woman: you are watching too much TV and too less Amy Goodman from Democracynow.org