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The media of western Europe is pretty much silent about what is going on in Venezuela (no one seems to get good info and a clear picture).

But i guess it is pretty well known fact – that South America is pretty much under the “sphere of influence” of the US-Dollar and the US / CIA would like to keep it that way.

Ecuador in fact – does not even have a own currency – they have US-Dollars.

Paraguay is getting all their military equipment from USA. (they have the same boots and uniforms, guns and airplanes) I wonder how big their (FIAT)US-Dollar loan from Washington still is.

They “the mafia” made up of the Government of Paraguay, Gen-Soy-Farmers-Inverstors and Monsanto (now owned by German chemical company Bayer) are destroying all trees (because machines can’t move between trees) and drive the poorest of the poor (small farmers) off the land they inherited from their fathers.

Making them sell souvenirs in Asuncion.

Do you call this progress?

What do you expect the poor and fooled to do?

If we stole everything from you – why don’t you just sit in a hole and die?

If they would get their hands on weapons – their corrupt governments would be on the run tomorrow.

The US-Dollar fights anything that supports what it defines as “communism” or “socialism” (often they are seen as the same).

There are people – and there are interests.

Capitalism vs Socialism can also be named:

Privately-Owned vs. State-Owned.

or: No rules for what money can buy vs. The state tries to dictate every aspect of your life. (but also having to provide you with your basic needs in order to avoid further more revolt, therefore it is possible to survive with 30 USD per month in Cuba, because a lot of things are “state-owned” and everything is state run and subsidized.)

Why not try this: There should be a private company and a governmental company producing the same things – things people need to survive. (water, food, land, housing, weapons?)

Whoever is better – sells – who is worse – not.

So there would ALWAYS be competition between the private and the public sector.

Competition is good? Isn’t it? (NeoLiberal Dogma)

Bernard Lietaer: “Having only competition – is not so good”

By the way – capitalism – highly collides with democracy – therefore people in western democracies feel as if “they have no voice” – and this feeling is correct. (always trust your feelings 🙂

The interest of USA in South America are multi fold, but have all to do with colonialism, extractionism, “world dominance” (as a world-police or a world-mafia) and “spheres of influence”:

  1. avoid a second or third “Fidel-Che-Cuba” (loss of US land and Casinos to people with Russian weapons)
  2. control the drug trade (that is how the CIA is prepping up their black budget)
  3. secure resources and economic interests (make sure Bolivia’s silver and Venezuela’ oil is extracted and sold by US-companies and in US-Dollar = further strengthening the worth of this currency)

it does this by:

  1. making sure – nobody can rival the leading role of the US-Dollar (what the US-Dollar is to South America is the Euro to Europe… even if some countries still have their own currency (which is good) they usually accept (FIAT)Euros for payments)
  2. topple or “bring around” governments: this was/still is effectively be done with “economic hitman” and the CIA. – (thanks for John Perkins explaining to the public – how “the mafia” operates)
    1. bribing of threatening newly elected presidents to “come around” and make their state accept huge US-Dollar loans – which they can not pay back – at the same time securing deals for US-companies to build infrastructure projects. When the country is bankrupt (US-Dollar-wise) extract it to the bone – making them pay back with even cheaper extraction rights to resources, drugs and blood (soldiers).
  3. make sure US companies keep control over the resources and strategic ports an canals – whenever a president or candidate threatens to “take away” that control – you can expect him/her to die in a plane crash.
    1. it is basically the old colonialist game (former game of majorly the British and the Spanish) – enslave the people by force – extract all their resources at the lowest price possible – sell it on the world markets.

This approach has one problem: It is highly immoral and destructive.

But that seems to be the US approach to things lately – fuck the law – we do what we want.

Vietnam was the first undeclared war.

 “When I read Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man, I could not have known that, some years later, I would be on the receiving end of the type of economic hit that Perkins so vividly narrated. This book resonates with my experiences of the brutish methods and gross economic irrationality guiding powerful institutions in their bid to undermine democratic control over economic power. Perkins has, once again, made a substantial contribution to a world that needs whistleblowers to open its eyes to the true sources of political, social, and economic power.”