John Pierpont “Jack” Morgan hated to be photographed

“Let’s take a closer look at that financial shift from London to New York. Simply put the shift from the House of Rothschild to the House of Morgan.”

“Morgan is referred to by many, including Congressman Louis McFadden, (a banker who for ten years headed the House Banking and Currency Committee), as the top American agent of the English Rothschilds.”[Page 44]


World War I

Morgan played a prominent part in financing World War I.

On 3 July 1915, an intruder, Eric Muenter, entered Morgan’s Long Island mansion and shot him twice. This was ostensibly to bring about an embargo on arms, and in protest of his profiteering from war. Morgan, however, quickly recovered from his wounds.[10][13][14]


this is where Wikipedia contradicts itself:

“shot Jack Morgan, son of financier J.P. Morgan in his home”


How to profit from war

War is a business were you have an almost always solvent customer – the state – the nation – the government – the country.

It is public money (created by central bank debt) and transferred into private pockets all for national security – or what you are made believe.

Even if a nation can not pay back – you have them enslaved – you can say “look we know you can not pay back your war-loan – so why don’t you privatize all your governmental assets – or give us this and that (law) cheap”.

It’s the same we-know-too-large-debt that US economic hitman use to enslaved Southamerican countries.