Mr Friedman (Stratfor, Austin, Texas) makes some very interesting statements in this above video:

  • He seems to be very much “on course” to “defeat” Russia and privatize it’s resources, extend the reach of the US-Dollar and CIA empire and remove one of the last save heavens for US-whistle blowers like Ed Snowden.
  • He says: what brought down the Soviet Union was a combination of:
    • low oil price (Mr Friedman says Russia needs 70 USD per Barrell, but they also have Natural Gas – a major part of it flowing through Ukraine to western Europe – well right now probably not because Ukraine is supported by US-CIA-NATO and fighting a war against Russia)
    • expensive, resource consuming armsrace that Reagan forced on them (Putin tries to avoid).
  • Putin is nothing more than the front face of the FSB apparatus – who effectively is running Russia
  • the FSB was basically pushing Boris Yeltsin aside and placing one of them in charge
    • taking this into consideration – could it be possible that the US president is nothing more than the front face of the CIA / NSA / FBI apparatus, hence all this unconstitutional and illegal mass-surveillance that Ed Snowden is warning us about?
      • Sidenote: Germany as any other US-NATO-partner could NEVER protect Snowden from the CIA… he would either be captured or killed the moment he leaves the airplane. Or maybe even during flight. So please Mr Snowden Mr Assange – stay where you are. Maybe Mr Assange could apply for a Visa in Moscow if he wants to – but that’s about it. Life Time Exile until the secret service and money dictatorships – so called democracies – end…
      • After becoming President, Vladimir Putin launched a major reorganization of the FSB. First, the FSB maybe was placed under direct control of the President by a decree issued on 17 May 2000.[5]
      • Alexander Vasilyevich Bortnikov (Russian: Алекса́ндр Васи́льевич Бо́ртников; born 1951 ) is a Russian official. He has been Director of the FSB since May 12, 2008.
      • Alexander Bortnikov, director of the Federal Security Service is expected to be added to the EU’s sanctions list alongside Mikhail Fradkov, the head of Russiaメs Foreign Intelligence Service


George Friedman is Known for Founder and chairman of Geopolitical Futures (since 2015) and Stratfor (1996–2015)
Spouse(s) Meredith Friedman (née LeBard)
Children 4
Academic background
Education City College of New York
Alma mater Cornell University
Thesis title The Political Philosophy of the Frankfurt School