… also Background on Mr Friedman’s life – son of hungarian jewish refugees that first fled the nazis then the soviets.

While is talks sound pretty sane – he is jumping topics – also i can not imagine Germans and French shooting at each other – not even under Le Pen. So don’t worry be happy Trumpies – you should rather worry about who controls your currency and if banks can blackmail your government into whatever law they want them to pass – by the threat of pulling the plug of the financial system.

Same thing happening in europe by the way – the financial Mafia is international.

Money needs to serve the people – not people serve the god of mammon and sell their children.

Quotes from the above video:

  • “a culture that creates Mozart is forgiven many things”
  • “europe conquered the world and conquered nature but never (all of) itself”
  • “from 1492 to 1992 no one was able to convince the europeans to unite in a single entity and no one could conquer them all” (the spanish tried, the french tried, the germans tried, the english tried half-heartedly)
  • europe is inconquerable – europe are a massive amounts of peninsulas – but the general feeling was “it will be allright”
  • Norman Angell “the great illusion” (noble prize winner) demonstrated in 1910 that it was impossible to be a war in europe – because the financial system was so leveraged that it would cause financial disaster – international trade was critical – interdependence reigned – so there could be no war – what Engel did not understand – interdependence leads to war – he got the math right but he missed human nature – that you fear the thing that you depend on the most.
  • Europe since 1945 occupied by Americans and Soviets
    • The question war or peace since then was not made in Rome or Berlin or Brussels – it was in Moscow or Washington
  • Europeans when left to their own devices – have historically for millennia been extraordinary violent.
  • in 1992 – the collapse of the Soviet Union exactly 500 years since Columbus – meant that no European power was a global power.
  • August 8 2008 – The Russians invaded Georgia.
    • Was a show off of force by Russia – a message to Ukraine and the world.
  • The European Union was based on the idea – that the Europeans had learned their lessons – they understood that war was bad – and they constructed something that would be better.
    • It is vital to understand that the European Union was created by the United States as a strong economic bulwark against the Soviets. The Europeans resisted. Idea of integration – the French did not want to work with the Germans – the English did not want to work with the French and nobody wanted to work with the Italians.
    • The first european leader that accepted the idea of an united european entitiy was Charles de Gaule – he accepted it because France would be a leading power in his mind – and steer it to a counter-power to the US.
    • The Maastrich-Treaty based on peace and prosperity – created the European Union.
      • What happens to peace if you can’t give prosperity?
      • 1992-2008 was a period of extraordinary economic prosperity in the world – and all of the flaws embedded into Europe were hidden. You could not see them. Then in 2008 in seven weeks the world transformed itself.
    • My comment: it is also vital to understand – that the European Union started off as a trading, commerce and then monetarian union – exerting money-debt-force and austerity onto smaller economies like Greece.
  • Germany 4th largest economy
    • 50% of it’s GDP is from exports, if they don’t export they have mass unemployment and economic instability
    • half of the exports go to the european free trade zone, for Germany the european union was a system for maintaining these exports.
    • makes it almost impossible for european countries on the perepherie to develop, imagine if the US exported 50% of it’s GDP and half of it would got to Canada and Mexico, what would be the condition of Canada and Mexico be?
  • Washington / Brussels create regulations, but europe tax structure make entrepreneurial activity impossible.
    • Depression of southern Europe: Germany has 5% unemployment (that is the official figure but i would be it is double of that, it is artificial hold down with a lot of tricks) Greece, Spain 20% for young people 50% – same numbers as US during the great depression of 1929.
      • People hit in governmental cutbacks were doctors, engineers – the middle class – they then wander off to support radical parties.
      • my comment: the middle-class entrepreneurs were the people that create most jobs – not the big multi national companies (is that any different in the US? i don’t think so) – with them being unable to get loans for their ideas and projects or being anxious about taking a loan and it’s consequences of failing (not being able to pay back, losing the house because of that) – destructed a lot of jobs and is still destructing. It feels like all laws are made for the big multinationals that create no jobs – and the middle-class has no lobby in Berlin or in Brussels. This is very frustrating. It feels like being ruled by the Mafia itself.
      • Quantitative Easing = printing money
    • Friedman says the Greek entrepreneurs could not compete with Germany in terms of efficiency – so they had to cheat and not pay tax.
      • my comment: this is not the full picture – the major problem is (as Friedman hinted earlier) that you can not have economies of different efficiency and strength using the same money for exporting goods – because if one country is doing poorly it can boost it’s exports by devaluing it’s domestic currency (e.g. print more money – pay loans – subsidies) – in an financial union you can not do that anymore – major design flaw of the european union.
  • “Neither Russia nor America (USA) are interested in a direct confrontation in Ukraine”
    • “wars start with bluffing – but at some point you have to flip your cards.”
    • my comment:
      • for weapons-manufacturer like lockheed-martin war means business – governmental money flowing into private pockets.
      • The US might have no interest in direct confrontation with Russia – because this would mean a costly world war3 – probably even dragging all of NATO into it – but it has interest in indirect confrontation, building up pressure (economic, financial, arms-race and war wise) further playing the cold but also hot war-game to strip Russia off it’s friends (Syria, Lybia, Iran) and probably divide up Russia into parts it can conquer and buy up – in order (probably) to access the largest natural gas supplies in the world – that Russia have.
      • From a european point of perspective the US is indirectly killing Russians because of natural gas just as they are bombing people in iraq for oil. This is not what good publicity looks like.
      • They should install solar panels in Texas to power all of the US – but the multinational fossil fule mafia won’t allow this to happen.
  • Norman Angell : Armsrace increases the likelihood of war
    • “Angell said that arms build-up, for example the naval race that was happening as he wrote the book in the early 1910s, was not going to secure peace. Instead, it would lead to increased insecurity and thus increase the likelihood of war. Only respect for international law, a world court, in which issues would be dealt with logically and peaceably would be the route for peace.”