Friedman is completely right – about who controls the water ways – can always threaten other countries to invade.

While his arguments make total sense – it should also be noted – that invading countries for “not behaving” is by no means a sustainable concept – because it is immoral and the US is the villain.

What was “forgotten” is that the global economy “global growth” is slowing down (thanks god the planet’s ecosystem and climate won’t survive another 100 years of decadence) – therefore demand for oil and gas might decrease.

With countries and governments being highly in debt they also can not afford high energy bills (mostly in US-Dollar) to foreign producers.

So the production of energy/electricity at least is (hopefully) increasingly decentralized – making maritime supply lines less important than they used to be.

But well yes – 80% of all energy consumed is fossil – this needs to change if mankind wants to keep the ecosystem going.

To be honest – we Germans are sick of war and i hope this stays that way for another 1000 years.

But USA is playing Europe like a remote chess game.

Because they are not in fear of being bombed.

We are so far away – they don’t really care if things “go wrong” and escalate into war – be it declared or undeclared – be it official or unofficial.

Therefore playing a high-risk poker game in Europe.