You could call it – never ending geopolitics – never ending thirst for world dominance – never ending manipulation of foreign governments and their citizens. Blood for money – who needs some weapons?

“On 8 October 2015, the U.S. officially announced the end of the Pentagon’s $500 million program to train and equip Syrian rebels in an acknowledgment that the program had failed[510] (other covert and significantly larger[511] CIA programs to arm anti-government fighters in Syria continue[512][513]).”

The foreign ministers of Russia, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Turkey in Vienna, before a four-way discussion focused on Syria, 29 October 2015

  • “U.S. Weaponry Is Turning Syria Into Proxy War With Russia”. The New York Times. 12 October 2015. Retrieved 14 October 2015.
    • One official with a rebel group that is fighting in Hama called the supply “carte blanche.”

      “We can get as much (US weapons) as we need and whenever we need them,” he said, asking not to be identified to avoid reprisals from rival Islamist insurgents he has criticized. “Just fill in the numbers.”

    • Rebel commanders scoffed when asked about reports of the delivery of 500 TOWs from Saudi Arabia, saying it was an insignificant number compared with what is available. Saudi Arabia in 2013 ordered more than 13,000 of them. Given that American weapons contracts require disclosure of the “end user,” insurgents said they were being delivered with Washington’s approval.
    • “Unfortunately, I think that ISIS, al-Nusra and some of the other radical Islamic factions are the best positioned to capi­tal­ize on the chaos that might accompany a rapid decline of the regime,” Schiff said.
      • … so much for the “Arab” spring of democracy and freedom – it is rather the CIA (Washington) initiated start of terror and never ending war. Just what big weapons companies but probably also Israel loves to see – Muslims shooting each other – Christians selling them the tools to kill.
  • “US axes $500m scheme to train Syrian rebels, says NYT”. The Guardian. 9 October 2015. Retrieved 13 October 2015.
  • “Secret CIA effort in Syria faces “large” (20%) funding cut”. The Washington Post. 10 June 2015. Retrieved 13 October 2015.
    • “Key lawmakers have moved to slash funding of a secret CIA operation to train and arm rebels in Syria, a move that U.S. officials said reflects rising skepticism of the effectiveness of the agency program and the Obama administration’s strategy in the Middle East.The House Intelligence Committee recently voted unanimously to cut as much as 20 percent of the classified funds flowing into a CIA program that U.S. officials said has become one the agency’s largest covert operations, with a budget approaching $1 billion a year.”
    • “multibillion-dollar effort involving Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to bolster a coalition of militias known as the Southern Front of the Free Syrian Army.”
    • “the figure provides the clearest indication to date of the extent to which the agency’s attention and resources have shifted to Syria


Who profits? No matter who wins the war ABROAD: Like the Bank – Weapons manufacturer win any war – fastest way to make public money flow into private pockets?



Designer Hughes Aircraft Company

Hughes Aircraft was one of many aerospace and defense companies

which flourished in Southern California during and after World War II and

was at one time the largest employer in the area.

other weapons produced by Hughes:

Designed 1963–1968
Unit cost 10,683 USD (1984)[1]
Stinger Rocket Producer:

General Dynamics
Designed 1967
Manufacturer Raytheon Missile Systems
Unit cost U.S.$38,000

Iran, Russia, Syria agreed to promote cooperation in their fight against Takfiri groups in Syria.


10 June 2016 Defense Ministers of Russia Iran and Syria Source

Reporter tasnim in Damascus, reports

Resources of Syria, the success of security forces in clearing other parts of the territory of the country on the outskirts of Palmyra and Homs, and السویداء war on terrorism, and ISIS poses another from Sweden.

Reporter tasnim news agency in Damascus, etc. forces, army. mountain “مربط pongo”, and the number of points around it in the 12 km northwest of the city “Palmyra” from the occupation of terrorists killed. Army forces also mountains “الحید and الظلیل” in the north gas field حیان on the outskirts of the Eastern “Homs” have been released as a result of it a number of demands to the Iraqi people.

In the “community” also forces settlements “معرزاف” in the suburbs north of the city after heavy fighting with terrorists jabhat al-Nusra in the surrounding settlements المجدل,. army forces as well as the “المقابر” and “المطاحن” in the western settlements “قمحانه” on the outskirts of Northern community of lavos following clearing.

In the south of Syria also forces a large number villages and towns in the north east “السویداء” from the occupation of terrorists killed that night to the he fled to. liberate.

A military source said army forces estates “diggers القصب، خربة صعد، al qaşr, etc. بسطرة., the stoning, the الدلة, etc. الساقیة, etc. Tel اصفر، الفدیان, etc. اشیهب West. اشیهب East, etc. Tel المصیطبة, etc. تلول children. الشقرانیة and السویمرة” war on terrorists crossing the clearing, which was an area of villages and towns is about 300 square kilometers, it has all the north-eastern outskirts السویداء under the control of the army.

Simultaneously with the escape of the terrorists killed to the He of. fighters and artillery of the Syrian army targeting them in war. escape the demands of these areas due to the shortage of power has taken place, especially considering that in the eastern suburbs of Aleppo and Palmyra are in conflict with the forces of the army are, and he together with the democratic forces of the Syrian Kurds fights.

Groups of Kurdish so-called democratic forces Syria, both of stop their operations around the dam الفرات in the western suburbs of He for four hours The News has been said that in the wake of the attacks, Muslim-American, this Dam has been خسارتهایی it has arrived, and this situation is panic, people, the collapse of the dam, الفرات, and the occurrence of major disaster in the areas East and north of the dam there.
The end of the message/


Delicate: pursue improved economic relations and regional partnership with Moscow, we are

The Minister of state said in the message bigger, the objective of the visit of the approaches of our country, to Russia, improve economic ties, cooperation and regional fight against terrorism described.

وفیق Abraham

Expert on Lebanese issues, the Middle East, in an interview with tasnim:

Resonance failure of Israel to liberate the hejaz will lead

A Middle East expert, referring to two years in a brutal attack on the Saudi-Yemen said that the resounding defeat of Saudi Arabia in Yemen to liberate the hejaz and Mecca, will lead.


Pence: the American effort in Iran for compromising the security of Israel will not tolerate

U.S. Vice President, in a speech on us intervention, saying that the United States over the Iran’s efforts to destabilize the region, and compromising the security of Israel will not tolerate.

The flag of Iran and Russia

Tasnim reports

The possibility of signing the contract of petroleum of Iran and Russia in a delegation to Moscow

The probability of signing a contract petroleum at a meeting of a bilateral Ministers of Iran and Russia in Moscow, there are, and in case of realization of this daily ۱۰۰ thousand barrels of Iranian oil to the company, and delivered the money to ۵۰% in cash and ۵۰% buy engineering and technical services from Russia, would be taxed.


Persian / Iranian