If Russia would have started large scale invasion into Georgia – McCain would have become President – not Obama. Thanks Putin – clever enough to not fall for this trap.

src: http://therealnews.com/t2/story:3570:Was-the-Georgian-Conflict-Started-to-Elect-John-McCain-President-in-2008%3F-Pt.1


To report as much TRUTH and alternative views as possible!

Thank you Paul Jay for traveling for us to Georgia, to get insights on what is really going on down there.

Manipulated Media tries to blur our vision for reality – this is why they get so much money from weapons-manufacturer and oil-energy-companies.

The Problem: Back to topic: Whenever McCain shows up in a country it is going up in flames. I just hope he stays away from Germany.

Sadly civilians are being killed every day because we – the “modern” “civilized” “intelligent” world – depend on fossil fuels from Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries to SURVIVE (!!!!!!!). (no truck will fill up supermarket store if there is no gasoline)

These are SICK monopolies – trying to stay in power – no matter if it kills the planet and anything on it.

Let me say this: World War I became a all-countries involving global conflict BECAUSE there was fear – fear led to bigger and bigger alliances – and if you drop a match stick – the whole world goes up in flames because of fear and alliances like NATO.

Turkey is a NATO country – if Russia “accidentally” drops a bomb on a Turkish tank operating in Syria – we are officially in world war 3 – some people would like to see – because the rich fear the poor and what better way to keep the poor busy as a substantial struggle for survival – war.

The road to peace: Dismantle NATO – true independence.

Every country should defend itself – Putin will NOT invade. He has other things to do – like fixing his broken economy and (hopefully) remove the mafia and bring justice to Russia – or he might very well face revolt inside his own country.

Germany just as Ukraine just as Georgia needs to break free from the covert / inofficial US occupation and gain REAL independence from Russia and USA and anyone else.

You know how this works – US-inofficial agents congratulate the President to his/her election while at the same time trying to “bring him/her around” by bribery or threat – take this huge US-Dollar loan you will never be able to pay back or die in a plane-crash.

Who has not seen it: MUST SEE – John Perkins – Confessions of an Economic Hitman – or: The dirty tricks of US-Dollar Empire to enslave countries

70 years after World War 2 – Germany has STILL US-troops, tanks and (!!!!) nuclear bombs (!!!) on it’s territory.

This is completely unacceptable and shows the complete dominance of the US-Dollar-Empire.

European Banking Congress 2011: German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Scheuble “Und wir in Deutschland sind seit dem 8. Mai 1945 zu keinem Zeitpunkt mehr voll souverän gewesen” “since 8th may of 1945 Germany never regained full sovereignty

To restore true independence Germany, Ukraine, Georgia need:

  1. learn to think in ecosystems – any mono-culture / monopoly of power is bad – there need to be balances
    1. Snowden is surely not a communist: He is just as Assange an activist and political refugee – where would he have found shelter? if there was no other nation that could rival USA?
    2. in a world dominating mono-culture of power – without alternatives – he would be in prison or dead – yes Putin might be corrupt just as any other leader – but thank you for protecting Snowden.
  2. Abolishment of NATO NOT ENLARGEMENT to avoid large-scale escalation.
    1. Every country can and NEEDS to take care of it’s own safety to avoid outside manipulation.
  3. trade exactly as much with the US as with Russia and China – no more no less no secrets no hidden tricks – make it public – transparent that we would like to live in peace and balance and not prefer one nation over the other.
  4. an independent and well trained secret service to protect against manipulation from outside.
    1. this secret service’s work need to be 100% transparent and accountable to ALL members of parliament/congress, actually it’s work, threats, actions and countermeasures should be made transparent to the public at the earliest possible moment – like with a police investigation.
  5. independent money only created by one governmental institute
  6. removal of all foreign spy-agencies, troops, bases, equipment and nuclear weapons.
  7. true independent oversight of elections from an as independent as possible funded objective-as-possible outside body.
  8. there should be a consensus on a maximum limit of troops / weapons each country can maintain – military spending is a major burden for society – and to deter any country from invasion you don’t need 3 million soldiers. A possible formula could be: 1-3 soldier per 1000 inhabitants – that would be in the case of Germany (80.000.000 people) translate into 80.000-240.000 soldiers.
    1. right now there are 168.000 (February 2017) soldiers in Germany in active state-sponsored duty – BUT (!!!) because of US-pressure (you could almost call it war preparation?) this number is supposed to grow until 2024 to 198.000 (!!!) soldiers plus 61.400 civil supporters (Source: Bundeswehr/Bienert))
    2. during world war 2 the Wehrmacht had 18.200.000 (total who served) German Soldiers. (src: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wehrmacht)

Hitler’s Advisor Göring 1946: “Of course people do not want war – why should a normal worker risk his life on the battlefield – at best he returns in one piece – the average citizen do not want war – neither in Russia nor in England nor in USA nor in Germany. That is for sure. But it is the leaders of a country that determine it’s politics – and it is easy to convince the average citizen to join in – be it in a democracy or in a dictatorship be it a communistic dictatorship or a parliament – the people can with or without vote always be convinced to follow the commands of it’s leaders and support the war effort. It is easy. All you have to do is to make them feel attacked – and accuse the pacifists (peace-lover) of lack of patriotism and endangering the country’s safety. This method always work – in any country.”

Who the fuck is Straussberg?