Shortly after Erdogan (Turkey) apologized for a major provocation of Russia by shooting down a russian aircraft by claiming it was trespassing turkish (NATO) airspace.



A coup was staged to remove Erdogan – wich failed because of couragous acts of many individuals and the national loyalty of the general public.

200 people died in that coup. Erdogan survived.

While it is true that neither Putin nor Erdogan are playing a 100% fair game with their population in terms of democracy and corruption – what unites them is – they are no 100% under USDollar control and neither want to be.

While the US decides to support militarily and economically those parties – be it Kurds or Turkey or ISIS or Taliban or Saudi Arabia – Shiits or Sunnits – that serve the US world dominance geololitical geoeconomical aim – for world control of the US Dollar – fighting anything that survives without it.


Saudi Arabia – do not feel too save 😉

You are ruling until you stop beeing a usefull tool for US / Israel foreign policy.



It is played according to the rules of an “EconomicHitmans”:

1. try to corrupt government of a country by bribery or threat of assassination to take hughe loans in US FIAT Dollar money – that they can not possibly pay back – economically enslaving the country.

if that fails:

2. overthrow the government by supporting opposition parties in the country with money and CIA-intel and weapons. (Ukraine?)

if that fails:

3. invasion / send in the military or support oppossition parties (CONTRAs)

With Turkey – those “contras” are the Kurds.

So whenever Ankara is refusing to bow down to US-NATO and attack Assad and Russia – they play the “lets support the Kurds” card.

In the worst case – those fightings could increase with the amount of US support – escalating into a major Kurds vs Turkey conflict.

With the US backing the Kurds in order to punish the Turkish – what a sick game.

Two-State solution would also be nice to see there – but right now this seems to be a no-go for Erdogan?

Giving up on “his” personal self created enemy and make peace? not war?

It seems like every major political change needs a crisis and every power-addicted interest group needs it’s artificial or real enemy to justify secret service and war expenses and gain even more power by scaring the public.

Russia vs Chechnia.

Turkey vs Kurds

US & NATO & “the West” & Israel against Islam / anything that is Arabic and a possible threat or rival to Israel.

The smartest thing for Erdogan / Turkey to do – is make peace with the Kurds and give them their own country.

I wonder if China has cultivated it’s personal terrorist & sabotage group – or if the US would like to do that for them?


“The anti-Islamic State fight could devolve into a war between the Kurds and Ankara and disrupt the plan to take back the terrorist group’s de facto capital…

The current U.S. plan to advance on Raqqa depends heavily on the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a Syrian Kurdish militia that Washington has supported with airstrikes and provided with military equipment. ”


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