Putin very well knows that war and economics is linked.

You can’t spend endless amounts of resources and money. There are limits.

So first of all… that would mean the expansionist dream of world domination – ruled by a world currency – should be abandoned – because it ain’t gonna work anyway – we need biodiversity and resilience – anything else will collapse sooner or later because it is too fragile.

And if you want – it is basically a choice – do you want to have a fucked up life – or a great life. Don’t tell me there are no alternatives – there always are.

Well i guess for 99% of mankind this choice is a no brainer – because people are not born evil – they are not even born lazy – people want to have possibilities and be capable of doing things – not creating hell for everybody INCLUDING themselves.

As Obama said in his UN-Speech: “Bigger countries kept pushing smaller one’s around” – yes – because they can. (“yes we can” (push smaller and occupied countries around)).

And the industrial military complex wants to sell weapons… no matter the outcome of any conflict.

Which is truly an insane poker game – but that’s US people’s favorite game.

  1. build deadlier and deadlier weapons (Germany is also pretty innovative in this concern)
  2. sell them (to no matter who)
  3. hope they will not be used or fall in the “wrong” hands

well guess what… if shower people with weapons… sooner or later some mentally ill person will snap and use them – and “wrong” hands are the “right” hands for creating fear and terror – cultivating hate is all about the right “setting”.

isn’t it? Were a gun is cheaper and easier to get than a bottle of water.

No you can not go on with this policy forever. Because first you lose the moral upper hand – the American Dream turns into a fucked up piece of shit (mass mental illness, mass shootings, mass unemployment, mass suicide) and nobody wants to have children in a fucked up world.

Happiness does not increase proportional to your bank account… or possessions… these are all very short lived “highs” – like that of a drug addict. Again: The Dalai lama’s form of happiness – deep inner satisfaction – is the only sustainable one.

Second people want to life a good life – not a miserable life – even if you think you can rule them with fear and anger.

Sooner or later they realize – this does not lead anywhere – so peace truly always wins.

Everyone wants to develop one’s full potential in life – but this does not mean limitless madness – there are limits and they should not be maxed out every single time… it would be rather wise settle with sustainable levels.

But without empathy this will be a egoistic lonely trip – without friends or true love.

And true love exists… everybody wants it – but nobody taught us how to live it – we did not cultivate it / learn it – so it remains a seed in us – to develop or die in the universe.

A wasted potential.

And there is also Israel – with it’s probably buttons they can push on BigBrother USA – in order to make it what they want.

Yes – islamic states have to accept the state of Israel – Yes Israel has to accept the islamic states around it including Palestina in the Borders as defined by the British.

And Yes the Christians and Buddhists also want to be treated with respect.

The small groups of manipulators (Zionists and Islamic extremists) can not undermine peace with terror forever – why should there be no brotherhood? why should there be no mutual respect, understanding and cooperation? For religious reasons? – then look at the Dalai lama – he might truly be the most advanced of the three.

Quote by Nicola Tesla

For hate? Well then good night misery and middle ages – stay there longer if you like it – if you want to suffer – suffer – it is mostly a choice – not a destiny.

but do not drag the rest of the world into your stupid bloody game.

No matter the pain – the true nature of man – unarmed truth – and unconditional love – will have the final word – because hate – is simply not sustainable.

Yes as soon as i publish those lines you gonna prove me wrong by blowing up innocent people…. “good job” be proud on yourself – you did not change anything. dear zionist or islamic or cia terrorist – please sacrifice / donate your life in a less destructive and more productive way. thank you.

This was taken from the comment section of this video – the facts stated in this video are worth being considered – i can’t judge if they are correct or not. But the F-35 definitely seems to need Growler support…


Guess what: The short range air-to-air Sidewinder missiles were developed in Germany, the long range air-to-air in Germany and UK.


AMRAAM was developed as the result of an agreement (the Family of Weapons MOA, no longer in effect by 1990), among the United States and several other NATO nations to develop air-to-air missiles and to share production technology. Under this agreement the U.S. was to develop the next generation medium range missile (AMRAAM) and Europe would develop the next generation short range missile (ASRAAM). Although Europe initially adopted the AMRAAM, an effort to develop the Meteor (missile), a competitor to AMRAAM, was begun in Great Britain. Eventually the ASRAAM was developed solely by the British, but using another source for its infrared seeker. After protracted development, the deployment of AMRAAM (AIM-120A) began in September 1991 in US Air Force F-15 Eagle fighter squadrons. The US Navy soon followed (in 1993) in its F/A-18 Hornet squadrons.

The eastern counterpart of AMRAAM is the somewhat similar Russian Air Force AA-12 “Adder”, sometimes referred to in the West as the “AMRAAMski.” Likewise, France began its own air-to-air missile development with the MICA concept that used a common airframe for separate radar-guided and infrared-guided versions.

Manufacturer Hughes: 1991–97

Raytheon: 1997–present

Unit cost • $300,000–$400,000 for 120C variants



Manufacturer MBDA
Unit cost GBP 2,000,000 (as of 2016)[1]


“Right, the basis of any business is first of all to create the “NEED” whatever the reason behind it (such as lying about Saddam’s weapons of massive destruction, or lack of democraty and human rights of Bashar’s regime…) in order to “DEVELOP” the product (for purpose), then “GENERATE” (R&D, manufacturing) cost, then “GUARANTEE” the sale (the usage, sometimes politically forced/imposed ), thus billions of dollars business is created with no true reason to generate profitability, why not commissions, under tables, to strengthen hegemony including over EU regardless of the consequences that could be dramatic for the targetted countries: The situation of dramatic consistent instability and threat in Irak and Afghanistan still for tens of years, the conspiracy against Bashar has led to country destruction by terrorists engaged, financed and coached by US, Saudi & Qatar: The true reasons behind the conspiracy: Three main: 1-Syria and Iran good relationship while both are the main threat against Israel (US, Israel and Saudi combined interests to engage Syria) 2-Bashar’s refusal to agree on Qatar gas pipe to cross Syrian terrytory to supply Europe and Turkey against current Russia gas supply agreement with the objective to impact Russia economy and to stop Europe dependence on Russia. All these facts tell us how dirty and coward is US foreign policy and strategy against anyone not serving their hegemonic interests as per the principle: If you are not with me, so you are against me and in this case my duty is to make your life miserable !!!”

Yes you can live a lie – but not forever.

What i forgot:

Any future constitution should include guaranteed free access to resources such as water and land for every citizen – because “dignity” can be interpreted in many ways.