if #climatechange exists or not is not the question – what definitely exists is addiction / dependency of almost EVERY WESTERN LIFE on #fossilfuels … giving massive amounts of #money and #power in the hands of monopolists like #ExxonMobile#Bush#rockefeller and friends… taking it away from YOU!

If #TRUMP does not realize that – he is NOT brave enough to challenge #BigOil and will not be able to bringing power back to the American people.

That is why solar & wind =decentralized= =means= Freedom.

And i thought freedom and development as human being and mankind was – what democracy is all about – isn’t it?

So stop making us addicted!

That crime you play is called corruption and exploitation of the masses.

SolarPanels on the White House: 1979 – installed under Jimmy Carter 1981 – removed by Ronald Reagan 2010 – President Barack Obama Orders Solar Panels Reinstalled 2017 – will they be removed by Trump? AGAIN? ­čśÇ

Check out Solar Installations globally

This is just a small part of all global installed solar power stations… that have a meteo-control surveillance device.


But it should give you a pretty good idea of does solar work for me or not.

Trump supporters: Solar – YEAH! ­čśÇ