“Intelligence Agencies themselves leaked meetings with Trump to Press”

“tremendous plot”

“drug industry gets away with murder”

“f35 way way behind on schedule and way over budget – want to get costs down”

“there is a great spirit around”

“looking forward to inaugeration on 20th of January”

“we have a movement that nobody did expect”

“a lot of jobs and good news”

reporter: did Putin order hack of Hillarys secret mailserver? (as intelligence agencies claim, Assange: 14 yearold kid could have hacked that)

all fake news, it did not happen, group of oponents put that crap together, phony stuff, disgrace.

usa has very poor hacking defense.

Trump ordered very very strong hacking defense.

Putin: hacking is fake news.

Hacking is bad and it should not be done – but look what was learned – Hillary got questions before the candidates tv duell.

If Putin likes Donald Trump – i consider that an Asset.