Actually… i don’t know – maybe survival.

But still – if you survive on a lie – it is still a lie – that will collapse sooner or later.

It is important to shed some light on obscure “mysterious” things surrounding secret societies that probably also exist in every culture, country and society.

Corruption can only grow in the dark.

If crimes are committed by the state, by the mafia, by a sect or by secret-group – it does not make it “legal”.

Unfortunately there have always been people that try to “push their will through” – no matter what – no matter the law – no matter the social and environmental costs and try to get away with it – as if there was no god – watching over all life in the universe.

Somehow power seems to corrupt – absolute power seems to corrupt absolutely – too much power in the hands of few – gives corruption the perfect leverage-point / target. (that is unfortunately what in my opinion the european Parliament and the european united “Idea” of the EU has become)

The founding-fathers of USA including their famous declaration of independence – were also largely – business-men – not only seeking the freedom from slavery for the 99% – but also unwilling to share any profit with the Queen of England.

No matter what – the quest and search for truth is an important one.

Now more then ever.

After all – all that people want and a working society needs is – trust and truth, instead of lies, propaganda, slavery and corruption.

Next: Governmental systems

There are many forms of organization that mankind, society, a nation can adopt.

And what is funny that the economic and governmental systems of today – tend to become the “same thing” – the same identity.

Actually there are many governmental and economic systems ( dictatorship, democracy, capitalism ) with a varying amounts of people deciding over the rest.

There are many variations of dictatorship, democracy, capitalism, communism, socialism…

dictatorship: why not have 5 dictators instead of 1?
democracy: Why not elect a president randomly from the population?
democracy: Why do not adopt the “dynamic-democracy” or “liquid-democracy” idea – of everyone can vote on every decision a government makes – but he can also delegate his vote to the one he/she trusts and revoke this delegation at any time.
capitalism: Germany tries to do the social-capitalistic thing… but forces are pulling it towards the more capitalistic exploiting systematic – simply probably because of lack of creativity of the masses – that unfortunately – say “do not give my more extra work as possible – just let me live my life as i am used to it”.

No matter the system.

Mankind can only make informed decisions – if it has access truthful informations.

And if a oil-company or the state is very aware of the reality (e.g. of climate-change) and tries to hide that fact – than people should sit together – take back responsibility, trust and power – and come up with own ideas, systems, plans that work better than the existing.

It is not optional – it is their duty – unless responsibility and survival do not matter anymore because an Asteroid will wipe out mankind in the next 5min.

Back to topic 😀

A probably growing 3-5% of the 99% around the globe are dedicated to such work – but also struggle with their economic-dependencies and boundaries.

This work is an important one – don’t we want history repeating and never-ending corruption – over and over again.

May the alternatives and the support of the 99% and the truth be with you.

Dedicated to all Whistle-blowers – go get some land! grow potatoes 🙂

May the potatoe of independence flourish.