Van Jones is a good speaker but unfortunately i believe no one on that video has the “full picture” – i probably also only hold a puzzle-piece.


But as far as i analyze the situation – it is not a Hillary vs Trump matter – it is a matter of a lot of people being sick and tired of being without properly paid work and exploited to the bone by (mostly anonymous) shadow governments via financial systems that 99% never get educated about.

And i guess both the Jones got a pretty “good” US-school education – leaving out all the important stuff – how money is created and so on.

Now is the time to catch up on that knowledge – and start asking the right questions.

You should ask that question – how is money created – by whom – and why?

And could you think of a monetary system that works different? With different rules?

if not – we are doomed and all western countries will rip themselves apart in civil wars.

Putin probably standing next to it and laughing at the stupidity of the whole thing. All he has to do is wait 😀

This is not the fault of “the internets” – it is the result – of decades of corruption and the “establishment” unwilling to change that. of course. if you were the king of the colony and the rule-maker of the game – why would or should you want to step down and hand over power that you derive your feeling of importance from?

Why would you trade in your Ferrari for a Fiat? This would be a very selfless act – but people are afraid not to be important enough – without that Ferrari.