First of all… if you speak of “America” do you mean North (USA) or South?

So we have to be precise here – we are talking about North-America – more precisely USA – not far-North like Canada or Alaska – so USA != America, unless you consider Southamerica and Canada and Alaska a colonies.

I can tell you what is wrong with America – they removed the colonialists – just to put other colonialists (themselves) into place.

If that is all that “USA” means – then it is the land of the pirates – yes pirates need to be brave – it is a dangerous business.

But to be a pirate means to steal and plunder regardless the social and environmental costs – regardless of human or animal life.

What kind of “civilization” is that? A civilization of pirates – who has more guns is right? This is Barbarianism.

You could dismiss this lines with “who cares about the losers of this capitalistic game called monopoly”.

I refuse to play that game – because i knew – the game was not only unfair but also destroying mankind.

I rather invite my friends – so we together can design our own games and invite others to join and play fair and responsible.

All you can do is:

  1. raise awareness – that this game is evil.