We all know US likes to “play” “war”.



its “good” business for many corrupt lobby groups like that of Lockheed Martin that manage to extract Billions of $$$ from the US-state every year.

Why would you need nuclear weapons if there was no real or artificial “threat”?

If you are not afraid of the Russians anymore… we play the Aliens card.

“the last card, the last card… will be the extra terrestrial threat” (Aliens) (revealed by van Braun’s secretary – to justify budget for nuclear missile program)


What is a better “simulation” than a real “war”?

You can train and train and train and simulate – but if it works and how well or bad it works you can only test in a real combat.


Geopolitics & power greedy psychopaths that do not care for mankind – they just wanna play the power game.

Power is a game of humans how many other humans you can “control” – by control we mean to enslave humans by the threat/fear of high risk of a violent early death.george-bush-airforce-f14-figherplane-jet-fighter

All wars “work” that way.

So all those “proxy wars” from Vietnam until Ukraine are about those 3 things.

Testing out how good your US-NATO-Israel-Army and technology can kill Russians and Chinese people with their technology.

What about Indians? Pakistanis? Vietnamese? North-Korean? What else do we have on the map…… Northpole, Southpole, Moon, Mars, Universe.

Rumsfeld’s and Bush’s favorite game for life and death – of the average American citizen – seldom their own.

I don’t think Mr Bush has personally delivered any bombs to Saddam, he is just posing.

The strategy:

corrupt or tear down Saudi Arabia (corrupted) Irak (destroyed) Egypt (destroyed) Lybia (destroyed) Syria (destruction in progress) Iran (behind schedule) Russia (planned) China (planned) because “investors” want to globally control monopolies of land, water, food and energy by finance while at the same time bring down all arabic states that have a problem with Israel.

If you are Rockefeller and want to sell oil at the highest price possible and someone else can sell large amounts of natural Gas (Gasprom, Russia) but they won’t sell you their shares – maybe because they are state-owned – that is a problem for you.

If someone is capable of effectively protecting Whistleblowers (Snowden) that uncover how much of a dictatorship your system is – that is bad propaganda for you.

So you want to take over (privatize) or destroy the competition in order to expand your monopolies.

The steps taken by Israel-US-NATO so far are:

  1. Shit load of propaganda via the “official” media channels controlled by a few people. Putin: “Western Media speaks with one voice” (that of Washington) in order to demonize ex-soviet Russia – AGAIN. (if that does not work – stage some  Alien invasion)
  2. Economics Sanctions/Boycott by you and your “colonies” (NATO) since 2014.02 (already a act of war by the way)
  3. by multi-front war (Ukraine (in progress), Georgia (could erupt any day if the CIA wants) and in worst case Poland, Romania ((could erupt any day if USA does not withdraw nuclear Missile defense systems, the last two are NATO members and a conflict in those regions would drag all the other NATO members into it)
  4. Do not allow the Olympics or FIFA World Cup 2018 to be carried out in Russia by arresting all the corrupt FIFA members “on time”.
  5. Try to corrupt or overthrow all NATO governments (Turkey) that do not comply with your geopolitical aims – if that does not work – unofficially declare war on them as well and push them into chaos (civil war like MAIDAN).


You can come up with your own thoughts on how this path and games makes sense for mankind or not.

Some like to play soccer and others with humans and ecosystems, because of their lack of consciousness.

They feel pretty save by risking other people’s lifes. After all those are “stupid enough” to follow the plan and know of no alternative.


They do not to grasp the whole picture of mankind – they continue that path and even believe it’s the right one.

The man made problems of mankind are definitely starting out in our heads – cultivate enough hate, ignorance and greed and you will harvest a lot of evil.

Hit kill and run for your life. Whoever got killed was “stupid” enough to be killed so he deserved to be killed – that is Darwinism at it’s best.

It is definitely nothing you can call “civilized” or “intelligent” although it seems from the limited perspective of the players to be “the most super clever thing to do and invest in”.

The Problem is:

lack of training of consciousness and empathy.

But who of the so called “leaders” would like to be enlightened?

They are busy sucking up to those that managed to fill their anonymous swiz bankaccounts and hope to be rescued by those as well if the whole stinking concept-ship sinks.

“I am not a robot” says this Russian soldier. russian soldier - i am not a robot

russian soldier kissing his daughter

america tests nuclear bomb in nevada on its on soldiers wtf

After all there is no guarantee you could really change your brain by meditation to the better… is it?

So why waste time on that and continue your #DeathEconomic path of ignorance and dominance.

Let me tell you one thing: hate is not sustainable.

John Perkins - Ex-Economic Hitman former Employee of the #DeathEconomy - now fighting for a #LifeEconomy - unamred truth and uncondiational love - will have the final word

So now go ahead – kill mankind and the planet – maybe you should start with your children – before they realize what you have done or not done to make this world a better place and could return the favor.

or: (if you can imagine that there ARE ALWAYS ALTERNATIVES)

get engaged and contribute to the #LifeEconomy!!!!

or would that mean “too much” of a lifestyle-change for you?

Then go and weep in the corner – and give others the chance of taking responsibility of this shitload of problems cultivated over decades.