5.5percent of people score higher than 30 on psychopathy test

“he kisses or kills without a tought” “without conscious”

1 in 200 people in britain is a psychopath.

A psychopath is a human being, that has no empathy, is highly manipulative and can not really tell right from wrong.

They do not care for brothers, sisters, family, pets not even their own children.

If they are smart: “The fake caring” to get what they want.

They can not feel guilty or sorry for anything. They are without conscious. They do not feel a lot of emotions.

It is partly genetic (brain needs to have potential of that) and partly education.

Psychopaths e.g. prepare sophisticated traps and murder their brother or sister for no major reasons.

Hitler chose people that could not tell right from wrong for his SS (“Schutz-Staffel” “Bodyguards”) because they would blindly execute orders without any empathy or thinking twice.

You can self-test here: http://personality-testing.info/tests/LSRP.php

Things get REALLY nasty if psychopathy comes together with schizophrenia (not knowing what is real and fiction).

locked up psychopath

“If something goes wrong in age 5-6 were consciousness and feeling of guilt may or may not form ( cruel parents) ”

“who develop into psychopaths were often (not always) fire-setters… torture animals… very disobedient… no royal relationships”

“I believe shooter of Columbine was a psychopath”.

It’s the quiet ones… you gotta watch.

“1 in 200 people in britain is a psychopath.”

“They have multiple children that they abandoned.”

“They engage in a big range of criminal behavior.”

“In the workplace they often disrupt or destroy the good working of the business because they are interested in what is in for themselves.”

“Public enemy number one… very likely to reaffect.” (become criminal again after beeing released from prison)