“The private foreign and domestic banks remain in firm control of the commanding heights of the economy, while the Venezuelan government continues to slash desperately needed imports of food and medicine in order to continue funneling tens of billions of dollars to meeting interest payments to Wall Street bondholders.

Throughout 17 years of Chavez/Maduro rule, pseudo-left groups worldwide have heralded the PSUV as a model of “21st century socialism.” In reality, under the Chavistas, a new ruling class layer of financiers, politically-connected businessmen and contractors as well as top government officials has enriched itself at the expense of the Venezuelan masses.”

Just as in Greece. It does not matter what people vote for. Money(the banks) stay in power – because they create (by debt) and control money.

Wall Street Journal writes: “neoliberalism (austerity) can not be voted down anymore”

Whoever says this is “without alternative” (Angela Merkel) should get an alternative-less punch in the face.

Source: http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2016/06/16/pers-j16.html