Bernard Lietaer is a great man and a huge inspiration.

The thing is: Everyone seems to hold one piece of the puzzle – when we all let go of “our” pieces of the puzzle and throw it into the center between us – maybe we can create a whole new picture of how a better world would look like. the details will have to be worked out over time.

Lietaer‘s Book rethinking-money-book-cover “Rethinking Money”

says on the cover:

“framework for an era sustainable abundance”

which is great and i totally agree, that nature e.g. an apple-tree usually gives more apples than a single person could eat.

A potato can do 500% growth without any genetic modification.

one problem that is left out is:

greed to power

there is a potential in the psyche of every person to become power addicted.

Some people (Hitler, Stalin, Mao & Co.) god the possibilities to rip power over nations into their two corrupt and cold-blooded hands and through miss-management and war kill millions of people.

Scarcity and Monopolies are power

Think about the oil-monopolies (which is one out of two reasons for the (new) cold war, the second reason is weapons-manufacturer which (of course) also want to


their business not SHRINK it, no matter the costs of lifes (e.g. Vietnam is not a lost war to them))

Those power-addicted invisible dictators do not intend to step down from their thrones and free all their slaves.

Everyone wants to be something important.

feeling of importance – a basic human need?

“Humanity has many needs for existence, but I believe a “feeling of importance” is one of the basic needs after food, clothing & shelter. This basic feeling makes us feel loved and recognized. In my view, all of the advancement in human history has occurred due to this need.”


I got this information by this AudioBook:

“How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the first best-selling self-help books ever published. Written by Dale Carnegie and first published in 1936, it has sold 15 million copies world-wide”

Sum it up

the current financial system is in favor of ANYTHING that grows and generates money… no matter how bad or evil it is like cancer or land-mines.

There are always “crackers” / analysts / power-addicts that want to crack the system for their power, profits and the feeling-of-importance that comes with that.

They search for tax-holes, investment-tricks (that cheat the world like Fabulous Fab) or build autonomous-buy-and-sell-algorithms that do useless work but generate profits for them and their clients.

They are not afraid to make profits while others suffer, they also try to see crisis as an opportunity to make more profits as you can do when betting on falling value

Fabulous Fab “had to pay 800.000 USD for causing the suprime-crisis @ Goldman Sachs.

Good Job?

it was probably peanuts for him.

Governments around the world were being blackmailed by their private banks: “either you bail us out or we tear down the financial system”.

Angela Merkel said: “We did a lot of stuff in London and will do more in Pittsburgh. But in theory i would like to find out how politics can get out of the black-mail-potential by the finance-sector. But just in theory.”

New Dreams – New Stories

a crisis is a opportunity for change and development.

but it’s nothing nice.

hundreds and thousands of people lost their lifes during the 10 years of the french-revolution (1789 until 1799).

but it brought forward the charta of human rights Declaration_of_the_Rights_of_Man_and_of_the_Citizen_in_1789

and the first (!!!) democracy in europe, after greece.

Sidestory: The “Eye of Providence” – the all-seeing eye of God as seen on the Charta’s top part and also on the 1 USD bill – was hijacked by the freemasons in 1797.

I would say: Let’s do a declaration of happyness – as we have a declaration of human rights.


one thing is shure: the power-addicts are betting that the 99% can not team up and agree on anything – so they stay secretly in power.

divide and and stay in power.