It happened before in this order:

1. economic (finance) collapse
2. social unrest and civil war
3. people ask for a strong (brutal) man (women usually not that violent) to restore order.
4. strong-man kills all alternatives
5. strong-man invades countries

“The most expensive saying at the stock market i have heared was: this time its different” (Mr Dax, Dirk Müller)

It is possible to avoid this by:

1. creating
2. testing
3. implementing

Alternative trade and cooperation (money) systems.

Which would actually create jobs and a better quality of life for everyone. (also for the self-proclaimed money-elites)

But maybe only 0.1% of power addicted elites, the winner of monopoly… Have the consciousness and knowledge of this fact.

Wirtschaftskollaps -> Bürgerkrieg -> neuer Hitler

Gegensteuern möglich… Mit alternativen Tausch und Kooperation Systemen.

“Um Fair Teilung – Scheere Arm Reich” Why?


Dank an Utthoff und Wagner für ihre anschaulichen und damit auch produktiven Beiträge.