Social Neglect Soziale Verwahrlosung Köln Deutschland Germany

Add some blond women raping refugees to that and maybe even Putin’s sponsoring of right-wing parties… and you gonna have the whole thing called Germany / Europe explode, if you want to.

Youth-Offices breaking families, more laws, rules / surveillance / police do not solve the problem.

instead of state wellfare (state sponsored loverty) – let them grow potatoes (or corn) on THEIR OWN (!) FIELD (1-3 hectar (1x ha is 10000m2) per Person, depending on soil quality) AND (!) REAL education how to live a sustainable life AND in social behaviour and communication.

But for this to happen – someone would have to take away that fields of land-lords (more then thay need) big-monsanto-farmers, companies, the state, church, banks and so on…

They want to KEEP this planet UNTIL their last breath… They even would organize a cozy little world war for the poor killing poor.

So the rich can stay rich.

Look at the Flick Family.

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